HERVÉ VAN DER STRAETEN, designer et créateur de mobilier, luminaire, miroirs en bronze et ébénisterie en série limitée

It demands character and a well thought approach to live alongside the sculptural, radical and daring designs of Hervé Van der Straeten. It is also a commitment to the excellence of manufacture, to noble materials and to craftsmanship. Like a personal revelation, each mysterious and elegant piece reveals the secrecy of its creation to whom encounters it. Identifiable at first glance, the unique and distinctive works of Hervé Van der Straeten’s are collected throughout the world.

These one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces are a striking collection of graphically pure cabinets, balanced consoles, tables with powerful architectural lines, airy seats, mirrors and lighting fixtures that seem to be in motion.

Since 1999, in the historic Marais district, the Hervé Van der Straeten gallery has been presenting its creations in a luminous space whose serene and stimulating atmosphere expresses the art of living. In the desire to bring together art and design, works by mostly emerging artists interact subtly and incisively with pieces of furniture and lightings, thus combining exceptional creation and contemporary momentum.

A team dedicated to your projects makes your visit a special moment of personal attention and advice.

With great sculptural expression and attention to detail, Hervé Van der Straeten designs furniture, mirrors and lighting of the highest quality in his Parisian workshops, surrounded by passionate men and women trained in the excellence of their craft.

In perfect synergy, our design office and our bronze and cabinet making workshops are all in the same location and allow the designer a rare freedom to explore his ideas. A free intuitive vision and his passion for handcraft combined with a great rigour of execution give birth to pieces with strong presence.

Hervé Van der Straeten is also solicited to furnish the living spaces of aficionados customers. With the most dedicated attention, spaces and layouts are organised, the choice of materials is established and the colours are coordinated. The selected pieces of furniture and lighting come together to create confident and luxurious interiors, expressing their inhabitant’s sensibility and responding to demanding lifestyles.

Generous sofas with soft leather, custom-made carpets, furniture designed to the smallest details, and lighting studied with extreme precision provide a sense of well-being, balance and harmony.

The making of each piece is based on the strength of time necessary for the perfection of the design and the accuracy of the manufacture. Each piece is designed to last and acquire all its patrimonial value over the years.

Present in several public collections, notably those of the Mobilier national and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Hervé Van der Straeten's creations contribute to forging the taste of an era.

Artworks by Arotin & Serghei and Asta Gröting