SPECIAL EDITIONS FOR ALEXANDRE BIAGGI – FROM MARCH 27 TO APRIL 11 2020 Hervé Van der Straeten presents pieces specially edited for Alexandre Biaggi, 14th Seine Street, Paris VI, from 27th of March to 11th of April 2020

FUN RIDE HERVE VAN DER STRAETEN NEW EXHIBITION – FROM JANUARY 18 TO MARCH 20 2020 Hervé Van der Straeten presents his tenth exhibition, FUN RIDE: a collection of unique pieces and limited-series creations. The furniture, mirrors and lighting fixtures will be displayed in the Marais gallery from January 18th to March 20th 2020.   .

GALERIE KARSTEN GREVE AT SAINT MORITZ – 8TH FEBRUARY TO 12TH APRIL 2020 Hervé Van der Straeten will present new pieces of furniture and lighting collectible design at Galerie Karsten Greve at Saint Moritz, from 8th February to 12th April 2020

PAD LONDON – OCTOBER 5-11 2020 Hervé Van der Straeten's furniture, lightings and mirrors will be exhibited at PAD London, from 5th to 11th of October 2020.